Application for Gas Station at Crump & Miccosukee

Application and Review of Site Plan for Gas Station and CONVENIENCE Store at Crump and Miccosukee


Third and final submittal, staff review

Conclusion:  Issued Preliminary Approval.  Determined that applicant has met all requirements of Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code.

Staff Report


Final Application Documents

Application Analysis for Comp Plan Commercial Land Use

Stormwater Report

Vegetation Management Plan


Construction Plan Set


Second submittal, staff review

Conclusion: Recommendation for Approval.  But applicant must address errors and provide revision of plans and other documents within 30 days in order for a determination of completion of application can be made.

LSP140004_4_2_14 Agenda

LSP140004_4_2_14 DevServices Staff Review part1

LSP140004_4_2_14 DevServices Staff Review part2

LSP14004_4_2_14 Planning Analysis

LSP14004_4_2_14 Planning

LSP140004_4_2_14 SWMF

LSP140004_4_2_14 EMP

LSP140004_4_2_14 Concurrency

LSP140004_4_2_14 COT Fire

LSP140004_4_2_14 DOH Wastewater

LSP140004_4_2_14 Public Works

LSP140004_4_2_14 Talquin Easement

Second submittal, documents from applicant





Analysis of Crump Road and Gas Station by Applicant



First submittal and staff review:

PUV Crump & Miccosukee Gas Station

Staff Development Review Report for March 5th meeting is below, in parts.

LSP140004 3_5_14 part 1 LSP140004 3_5_14 part 2 LSP140004 3_5_14 part 3 LSP140004 3_5_14 part 4 LSP140004 3_5_14 part 5 LSP140004 3_5_14 part 6 LSP140004 3_5_14 part 7 LSP140004 3_5_14 part 8

Site Plan of Gas Station
 – proposed site plan about 5 pages that need to be printed on at least legal size paper to see details

Type-A Site Plan Application – the application for the site plan
Narrative Description of Project
Environmental Management Permit Application – only the application
Concurrency Application
Concurrency Traffic Analysis – the results of the concurrency report

Engineers  Applications

  • includes Natural Features Inventory
  • includes Historical Resource Report

Crump Road Conv Store ARM Agenda

The following are of less importance to understand the scope and scale of the project but are part of the requirements for development review

Property Appraiser Info Sheet
Picture of Lot as provided by Developer for application
Paid Taxes documentation
owner affidavit

All of the above are, to the best of the webmaster’s capacity, the collection of documents as named.  Some documents have been compiled into PDFs for ease of presentation on this web page.