Rural and Urban Fringe

2.  Future Land Use Categories: Rural and Urban Fringe

Policy 2.2.1 & 2.2.2 Rural and Urban Fringe FLU

These are the Policies that determine what sort of development can occur in Rural and Urban Fringe land use.  Note the highlights.

These policies are implemented through zoning.  Zoning is probably a more familiar concept, but what zoning allows cannot contradict ANY part of the Comprehensive Plan.

Rural Zoning County  and Urban Fringe Zoning County

Also included is the Urban Fringe zoning district because a great deal of area outside the Urban Services Area is zoned Urban Fringe – but a lot of people living in this zoning district think they are living in “rural” land.  In fact, note on the FLU map, the area immediately south of the Crump and Miccosukee intersection is Urban Fringe all the way to Appalachee Parkway!

Urban Fringe Commercial development can be 100,000 sq ft. That’s bigger than the Public shopping center in Bradfordville!