Welaunee Arch Master Plan

The development of the Welaunee “Arch” involves converting almost 5,000 acres of plantation land into urban development. This will eventually include about 12,000 dwelling units and significantly change the city of Tallahassee. Planning for this development is going on and decisions made now will permanently change the character and quality of life for the citizens.

  • What Happened to the Keep It Rural Park Plan?
    On November 10th, KIR is supporting the adoption of the Welaunee Arch Master Plan (WAMP).  The Master Plan plan contains many of the components of the KIR Park Plan we proposed many months ago.  Here’s the run down: Open Space set aside of 40% remains intact.  Over 1900 acres of the Welaunee Arch will eventually be designated as … Continue reading
  • Comments on Welaunee Arch Master Plan – Pamela Hall
    Finally – we’ve gotten to a version of the Welaunee Master Plan that KIR can support.  We thank both commissions for the Oct 13 workshop direction to incorporate our idea that will, hopefully, create the Welaunee Habitat Park. This Habitat Park is a component of a Weluanee Park System that KIR proposed many months ago.  We are … Continue reading
  • KIR Statement on Welaunee Arch Master Plan
    November 6, 2020 Welaunee Arch Master Plan (WAMP) Update and Requested Action Keep It Rural supports the revisions to the Welaunee Arch Master Plan (WAMP). The Alternative Development Program provides a viable mechanism and incentive program for the creation of the Welaunee Habitat Park in Phase 3 – District 5 (with the caveat and proviso that … Continue reading
  • Welaunee Arch Master Plan
    Overview of Keep It Rural’s Participation in Development of the Welaunee Arch Master Plan Dear Friends, Current Status.The action taken by the Joint Tallahassee-Leon County Commissions during the Welaunee Arch Master Plan (WAMP) workshop was not the motion proposed by Keep It Rural. We specifically argued against Option 1 (staff recommendation for the WAMP) and … Continue reading
  • Welaunee – Webinar
    The KIR board presented a webinar introducing the Citizen’s Master Plan for Welaunee along with an analysis of the current status of the development. Attached is a video recording of the presentation and comments by the public who attended. We are providing a copy of the presentation for review by the public, staff and commissioners. … Continue reading