Existing Conditions

4.  Existing Conditions

These are documents that describe the type of commercial development that already exists outside the Urban Services Area (USA).

This is the area outside of suburban Leon County and the City of Tallahassee.  It includes both rural and semi-rural area (called “Urban Fringe” ).

There’s not much!  The gas station at Crump and Miccosukee appears to be the FIRST commercial development in the Rural zoning district since the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan in 1992.

Here is a list of the existing gas stations & convenience stores on parcels designated as rural or urban fringe (to the best of my capacity to identify them).

Gas Station Parcels

The second includes ALL retail parcels in the rural and urban fringe zoning.  The second file contains keys to the information in the file – follow the tabs of the spreadsheet.  This information has been culled from the Property Appraisers and Planning Department databases.  It is a bit dated as it comes from 2011 tax rolls.

Retail R&UF

Here are some interesting maps of the area around Crump & Miccosukee Road.

Crump_GIS_2012AerialContours Crump_GIS_2012LiDARContoursDrainArrows