Gas Station Site Plan Review

The owner of the parcel close to the corner of Crump & Miccosukee submitted a “site plan” for building a gas station and convenience store.  This site plan has be subjected to review by County and Planning staff to determent if it is in compliance with all policies and regulations.

There were a number of public meetings during which staff explained to the applicant or his representative what was OK, still inadequate and/or missing.   Members of the public were allowed to speak and talk about their concerns.  There were two such meetings.

This is when KeepItRural Coalition formed – as a way for folks to learn about the development, stay abreast of the review and participate in the process.

However, at then end, staff approved the site plan.  They required the development to be “compatible” with the surrounding area and “other” rural-like commercial development.  But in the end, they allowed a gas station with 7 pumps and a nearly 3000 sq ft convenience store to be permitted at Crump and Miccosukee.

A resident whose home borders on the proposed gas station site filed a legal protest against the County’s decision (called a “petition”).  That legal challenge is pending and various steps in the process are unfolding.

So here are:

1.  The Site Plan documents and Staff Reports

2.  The Petition Process and Petition